Experience Colombia like never before

We're not just a café, but a place where the rich flavors of Colombian coffee blend with the irresistible, home-cooked goodness of our traditional Colombian food.

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Our Frytanga methods

We have the best
"fritanga" fried foods



Our empanadas are filled with flavorful ingredients & then deep-fried until they reach a perfect golden brown, creating a delicious, crispy exterior & a warm interior.

Papa Rellena

papa rellena

Seasoned mashed potatoes stuffed with a flavorful meat filling. These potato balls are then breaded & deep-fried until they are a golden, crispy exterior & a warm, hearty interior.

Maduro Aborrajado

maduro aborrajado

We first caramelize ripe plantains to unlock their natural sweetness. Then they're battered, fried to a golden crisp, & filled with creamy cheese, creating a perfect balance of sweet and savory.



We prepare our chicharrón by slow-cooking pork belly until it's tender, then deep-frying it to achieve a crunchy exterior & a melt-in-your-mouth interior.



Our Colombian chorizo is pan-fried, creating a slightly caramelized casing that seals in the rich flavors & natural juices of the sausage.

Frytanga Platter

frytanga platter

Blend all of these flavors together with the Frytanga Platter. Inlcuding mini empanadas, chorizo, chicharron, & papa criolla

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Discover Why Frytanga Café is Making Waves! Explore our acclaimed Colombian cuisine and artisanal coffee that have captured the attention of Westchester's top food enthusiasts. Join us and experience the taste sensation that everyone is talking about!

Seating area inside Frytanga Cafe next to decorative wall

Come and visit
Frytanga Café

Seating area inside Frytanga Cafe
todo en exceso es malo, excepto ¡las empanadas!
At Frytanga Café, we believe there's no such thing as too many empanadas! With a blend of spiced meat, vegetables, or cheese. Each bite is a comforting reminder of Colombian home-cooking that leaves you craving just one more. They're simply too good to stop at one!
Variety of our coffee bean/ grind products
take our exclusive
coffee home!
Experience the aroma and rich flavors of our house-ground Colombian coffee at Frytanga Café. We carefully select the finest beans, grinding them in-house to ensure maximum freshness. Energize your day with a cup of our signature coffee!
Bar seats in cafe looking outside
make yourself at home
Come inside at Frytanga, where the smell of freshly ground Colombian beans blends with the warm ambience of our cozy space. Savor not just the rich flavors of our coffee, but the sense of community that makes every visit to our café a memorable one.
Hot or Iced cofee options
The perfect coffee!
Whether you prefer it hot or iced, our coffee at Frytanga Café is made to your preference. Whichever you choose, you'll enjoy the same commitment to quality and authenticity, delivering a genuine taste of Colombia in every cup.
why us

A taste of colombia in every cup

Organic coffee

Sustainably grown Organic Colombian Coffee: rich, smooth, and full-bodied with a hint of nuttiness. Pure flavor, natural, delicious.

Hand-made selections

Take Frytanga home with our in-house ground Colombian coffee beans, freshly packed for the best flavor preservation.

Traditional brewing

We honor tradition with our coffee, using specialty Colombian brewing techniques to extract the deepest flavors from our beans.


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